BioPolar Experience  by Olga Olivares & Sabine Offerlind
Location: 59.2886536, 18.1598059.

Olga and I embarked on a collaboration fueled by our shared interest in exploring forest environments. With Global Goal 15.5—protecting biodiversity and natural habitats—as our guiding principle, we chose to focus on the Nacka reserve in Stockholm.

Our project offers a speculative design experience, inviting people to forge connections and empathy with nature. Central to our proposal are two audio stories depicting a fictional, dystopian scenario unfolding at Nacka reserve post-2030, envisioning the consequences of unmet Global Goals. We aimed to elicit emotions within a vivid, sensorial atmosphere, encouraging reflection on the intricate relationship between humans and non-humans within a forest context. 

Title: BioPolar.
Part 1: Human Soul Story
Part 2: Story of the Tree
Genres: Fiction
Co-director: Sabine Offerlind & Olga Olivares
Co-Writing (part 1), story edition & proofreading (part 1 and 2): Katia Alvarez
Voice: Jenna Holcombe
Music & Sound Edition: Nicholas Oja
Country: Sweden
Language: English
Release Date: October 2019, Stockholm, Sweden

Featuring audio stories, an object installation, and the forest as our setting, our project provided guests the liberty to explore, wander, and contemplate. We aimed to create an immersive experience where individuals could freely examine their surroundings and reflect.
Our aim was to employ storytelling and perception as tools, enabling navigation through complexity, encouraging collaboration, and fostering the exchange of knowledge.